Production processes are quite different from one another. Innovation alongside deep knowledge of the materials and the dosing systems are required to conceive the right solution to fit every customer’s requirements. That is just the case of the taylor-made infusion system we made for a partner of ours.

This innovative system – especially built for high quantity epoxy materials filled with carbon fibers – is made of two feeding units Scheugenpflug A310 – which guarantee material feeding without interruption – and a vacuum trap – that ensures a complete bubble-free filling of the pieces, without any gaps.
Furthermore, our innovative controller makes it purpose-built for the Industry 4.0, allowing total control during the entire procedure: from the volumetric metering of the bi-component material to the infusion barrel – here a sonar tracks material quantities – from the vacuum infusion to the resin feeding temperatures, cables and feeding barrel.

Productivity and control are now actually at your fingertips!