Due to the increasing demands on the reliability of electronic parts and especially stators for electric motors, vacuum dispensing has become increasingly important. More and more cost-effective entry- level systems that offer highest dispensing quality are wanted. With the LeanVDS Scheugenpflug offers a solution which completes the range of vacuum dispensing systems.

When developing the LeanVDS, the aim was to create a system which allowed an affordable entry into quality vacuum dispensing. The system is designed to be an entry-level model for small quantities or simply to replace unreliable and time-consuming sub-processes such as post-evacuation, often used to avoid investment in a vacuum system. The LeanVDS, like its sister systems, is available in different models and in sizes 300 x 300 mm without axes (Basic) and from size 420 x 420 mm typically with 3 movement axes (Universal) to cover various tasks. The proven SCP210+ control unit is used in both models. Scheugenpflug here, too, focuses on uncompromising performance at low cost. The system is suitable for filling, dot and grid dispensing of workpieces which attain their optimum characteristics when treated under vacuum. Altogether, the LeanVDS is an interesting and efficient entry- level system that completes Scheugenpflug’s range of vacuum dispensing systems. With the systems introduced in the following sections, Scheugenpflug has no limitations in vacuum dispensing.
For low quantities or simply as an entry-level model – the LeanVDS Basic without axes and the LeanVDS Universal with up to 3 axes.

Today, there is a perfect and economical system available for every task, ready-made or custom.

The Perfect System for Large Workpieces
Even though many workpieces are becoming smaller, there are still large to extra-large components which have to be filled under vacuum. For these tasks the vacuum dispensing system Basic is the best choice. As no movement of the parts is usually required and/or possible, this system does not have axes.

React Flexibly to Product Changes
High flexibility in the production of electronics is, among other things, a domain of universal systems which allow fast reactions to product changes. The vacuum dispensing system Universal lends itself to the volume production of medium-sized and large components. Whether it be complicated workpiece geometries, complex dispensing programs or a wide variety of parts. With this system operators are prepared for everything.

Minimal Dispensing Times are No Problem
Time can be a limiting factor for a number of reasons. This problem can be solved easily with a VDS P power vacuum chamber with a Dos P-X multi-nozzle dispenser. The vacuum dispensing system VDS P(ower), typically with 3 axes und automatic cup position, can be equipped with one or several Dos P-X multi-nozzle piston metering systems (2 to 8 nozzles), depending on the performance required. This system is the ideal solution for processing medium-sized and small components in large to very large quantities, with highest quality in the shortest time possible.

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