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Control Unit SCP200

Simple operation through self- explanatory controls on touch screen display

Feeding volume per stroke

250 ml

W x H x D (1C)


W x H x D (2C)



200 kg (1C), 330 kg (2C)

Vacuum System

Vacuum pumps for follower plates

Level Monitoring

Linear system Level Sensors

Material Containers

Disposable 20-liter hobbocks

Safety Features

Front door with safety switches

Power supply

400 V, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16 A

Hobbock Dimensions

Inner diameter: 285mm
Max. height: 420mm

Feeding Pumps

Scheugenpflug piston pump



Feeding unit for highly abrasive and high viscosity dispensing materials. Material feeding from 20-litre hobbocks with the Scheugenpflug patented vacuum follower plate.

The operator places the hobbock (bucket, pail) on the ergonomic hobbock drawer and closes the safety door. After initiating the docking via the controls, the vacuum follower plate is lowered into the hobbock where it attaches itself to the material surface without trapping air, which is removed by a vacuum pump.

The double piston pump of the A280 is optimised for highly viscous and highly abrasive dispensing materials. The pump piston touches the abrasive material only on one side (not immersed) and pushes the dispensing material ahead, thus cleaning off abrasive particles from the cylinder wall. Rinsing and sealing liquids on the back side of the piston helps to minimise wear and tear. The abrasive fillers are constantly washed away from the sealings and cylinder surface.

Usage and materials

Material feeding e.g. for applying thermally conductive pastes 

  • One and two component
  • Highly viscous
  • Highly abrasive
  • Highly filled