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Control Unit SCP200

Simple operation through self- explanatory controls on touch screen display

Feeding Pumps

Scheugenpflug piston pump

Feeding volume per stroke

250 ml

Dimensions (W x H x D)

700 x 1950 x 1000 mm (1C)
700 x 1950 x 1400 mm (2C)

Power supply

400 V, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16 A

Heating capacity

up to 80 °C

Tank heater power

(230 V) approx. 1000 W


240 kg (1C- 60 l)
400 kg (2C- 60/60 l)

Ejector evacuation power

12 l/min (at 6 bar)

Vacuum pump evac. power

242 - 283 l/min

Agitator speed

39 rpm

Level Monitoring

Capacitive analogue level sensor



Vacuum preparation and feeding unit for self-leveling dispensing materials

The A310 prepares the dispensing material already while loading it from the original delivery containers into the onboard vacuum preparation tanks. Once transferred into the onboard containers, the components are kept under vacuum all the time - even during production. Temperature control of the single components helps to optimise their viscosity and to enhance the degassing process. The constantly applied vacuum removes air and moisture trapped in the material, protects humidity sensitive materials against environmental moisture and prevents air-greedy materials (i.e. silicones) to absorb air. During production as well as idle times, programmable agitation and material recirculation cycles will keep the dispensing material at the same quality by preventing sedimentation of the contained fillers.

Due to an innovative vacuum and refilling system, the onboard tanks can be refilled at any time - even during production - thus providing an uninterrupted material feeding to the metering head. This avoids production breaks, saves valuable time and renders the dispensing system most productive.

Usage and materials:

  • One and two components
  • Low to medium viscosities (flowable and self-leveling materials)
  • Non-abrasive to highly abrasive
  • Non-filled to highly filled

Best treatment system for moisture-sensitive and air-greedy dispensing materials available on the market.


  • SCP200 - Control unit with 7" - touch screen graphic display
  • Filling level monitoring by capacitive, analogue sensors and automatic/manual refilling
  • Vacuum system (ejector or rotary vane vacuum pump)
  • Visual material inspection through sight glasses with LED illumination
  • External interface for connection to PLCs (production system or line)


  • DOS P - volumetric piston metering head
  • Material temperature control and monitoring
  • Material agitation and recirculation
  • On board tank sizes: 60 and 20 liters

The DOS A310 can be configured as a table top manual work station, or it can be placed either together with a vacuum chamber or an atmospheric production system in an automated production line.


A310 TP - Material vacuum preparation and feeding unit for small quantities of expensive resins, the logical answer to changing market requirements, e.g. components that are reduced in size and/or low production volumes, but still require highest process reliability in metering and dispensing. Available with 1, 5 and 20 liters onboard tanks to reduce material stockpiling, with material aspiration or top tanks for material transfer.