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Feeding Pumps

Reciprocating piston pump

Vacuum System

Vacuum pumps for follower plates

Material Containers

Disposable 20-liter hobbocks

W x H x D (1C)


Level Monitoring

Linear system Level Sensors



The entry-level solution for high viscosity potting media

For the reliable feeding of high viscosity, non-abrasive dispensing media, we offer the new entry-level system A220 Basic. Like its large sister system A220, the A220 Basic, too, has an integrated reciprocating pump, which guarantees a reliable and continuous material supply. High process reliability during the whole feeding process is ensured by the integrated filling level control unit as well as the electro-pneumatic pressure control unit, the latter of which eliminates the need for elaborate readjustments to the feeding pressure by the operator.

Common usage

Material feeding e.g. for applying sealant or adhesive beads and dams (dam&fill):

  • One and two component materials
  • Highly viscous, thixotropic
  • Non-abrasive

Examples: pastes, adhesives, grease, silicones, sealants, etc.