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Ejector evacuation power

12 l/min (at 6 bar)

Vacuum pump evac. power

242 - 283 l/min

Heating capacity

up to 80 °C

Control Unit SCP200

Simple operation through self- explanatory controls on touch screen display



Material vacuum preparation and feeding unit for smallest quantities of self-leveling dispensing materials

The A310 TP 05L/ 01L is the logical answer to changing market requirements, such as e.g. components that are reduced in size with each product generation, but still require highest process reliability in metering and dispensing. Similarly, dispensing media must meet increasingly sophisticated demands. They need to be more specialised to be suited for the task, which often raises their price. As a result, many manufacturers reduce production batch sizes as much as possible.
The A310 TP 05L/ 01L simultaneously prepares the dispensing material while loading it from the barrel. Temperature control also helps to optimise the viscosity of the dispensing medium. The applied vacuum evacuates air trapped in the material already during preparation. Degassed material is required for a bubble-free dispensing process.