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High precision volumetric metering system with continuous material flow and high flow rates

The DOS GP metering system is based on high-precision volumetric gear pumps for one or two-component materials. It has been designed for handling non-abrasive, highly viscous materials (up to 1,000,000 mPa and higher) in applications where a constant flow with high flow rates is required.

The compact and light-weight design allows the mounting of the metering head directly on the movement system (XYZ-gantry systems or robots), as close as possible to the work piece - in this way any additional mechanical valves can be ommited. The absence of additional hardware and a standard pressure release device avoids any leakages, even during very long idle times. Additionally, as there are no feeding tubes between the metering pumps and the material outlet, the mix ratio and the dispense quantity are very stable and precise - no expandable and "breathing" parts within the material path.

Because of the integrated reservoire with protective liquid around the pump shafts, this system is suitable for moisture curing and sensitive materials, cutting off direct contact with atmosphere and avoiding crusts of cured material on the seals.

Pressure sensors mounted directly on the metering head are used in combination with our material feeding pumps to work with optimal material feeding pressure and to avoid stressing of the material and material separation due to un-neccessary high feeding pressure.

Usage and Materials:

  • One and two component silicones, polyurethanes, epoxies
  • High viscosities
  • Non-filled to highly filled and non-abrasive materials
  • Suitable for moisture sensitive materials

For dispensing of beads for sealing, gasketing, bonding and dam&fill applications

Equipment features:

  • Stepper or servo motor driven with closed loop encoders
  • Material pressure sensor
  • Protection liquid reservoir for pump shaft and seal lubrication
  • Automatic pressure release device
  • Dispense needle / mixing nozzle adapter


  • Swivel needle - dispense 3D beads on complex contours


  • DOS GP - 1C (1-component materials)
  • DOS GP - 2C (2-component materials)