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Material preparation and feeding unit for 200-liter barrels

Even with the best and most performant meter/mix and dispensing systems, high quality parts can only be produced if the material quality is also prepared accordingly. The patented GAR 200 system has been developed and designed especially to stir up settled fillers in 200 liter barrels and keep them homogeneously distributed in the liquid during the entire production cycle.

Due to high filling grades, long storage time and inappropriate temperatures during storage and transport, the distribution of the fillers can vary drastically and influence the properties of the material through sedimentation and separation of the different components in the resin: fillers would settle and lead to variable densities of the material in different layers in the barrel. This would lead to changing mix ratios and influence the physical properties of the cured dispensing material.

The preparation unit GAR 200 guarantees a homogeneous distribution of fillers and components by stirring up sedimented material with specially designed agitator paddles and by circulating the material inside the barrel from the bottom to the top with a screw feeder.

The GAR 200 can be used as a preparation and feeding unit with its own feeding pumps or as a pre-preparation unit to refill our vacuum preparation and feeding unit A310 with homogeneous material. It features an easy handling concept of 200 liter drums and enables one sole operator to change the drums quickly and safely, meeting the highest safety requirements.

Usage and materials:

  • One and two component materials (silicones, epoxies, polyurethanes)
  • Low to medium viscosities (flowable and self-leveling materials)
  • Non-abrasive to highly abrasive
  • Non-filled to highly filled

Equipment standard features:

  • Barrel lid with accessories (agitator with drive motor, feeding pump, silica air drying filter, etc.)
  • Agitator and screw feeder
  • Lifting unit for lid with accessories
  • Electrical control cabinet
  • Collecting safety container
  • Barrel positioning guide with fixing belt

 Optional accessories:

  • Heating unit for material
  • Timer for stand alone preparation programming
  • Transport cart for 200 liter barrels
  • Filling level sensor
  • Material feeding pump
  • Barrel thermal insulation matt
  • Inspection sight glass with illumination