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Metering head
  • Metering head type: Gear pump dispenser 1 component - 1 nozzle
  • Metering pump: Spinning pump (1-stream)
  • Rate of delivery of gear pump 2.642 ccm / rotation
  • Transmission of planetary gear 16:1
Metering needle
  • Needle type: L = 67 mm
  • Diameter needle (inside / outside) 2.4 mm / 3.2 mm



The dispenser mixer volumetric DOS A220-v1 is designed for dosing of resins of high viscosity (1K and 2K). The machine uses discs getters "disposable", allowing a perfect evacuation to vacuum without waste of material during the change of the stems.
The process of replacing drums is automated and simple to perform.

Microprocessor control with embedded PC, operator panel with LCD display and keyboard.
High reliability through automatic monitoring of all the functions of degassing, contact pressure, quantity and speed the measured position and the pressing plate.
Automatic attachment of the shaft to the pump independent of any operator errors.

Possibility to integrate systems of linear axes XYZ - CNCell