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Powerfull solution for high volume production in vacuum environment

VDS P6030: The most powerful resin dispensing solution for high to very high volume production in vacuum environment. Multiple nozzle dispensing with highest precision and repeatable quantity for each single part, guaranteed through the sophisticated and very robust volumetric Scheugenpflug dispensing technology. This system meets the most demanding quality requirements and is approved by many automotive suppliers - it has been implemented and proven several times already in production lines for ignition coils.

Targets and materials:

  • High to very high production batch sizes.
  • Small to medium-sized workpieces with short cycle times (4-5 million pieces per year possible).
  • Self-levelling polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, oil, etc.
  • Particularly suitable for materials sensitive to moisture.


  • For filling and impregnating of electronic components such as transformers, motors (coils in general), sensors, power electronics for excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity, with vacuum bonding.
  • Production of electronic parts with exellent high voltage insulation that are used in harsh environments.



A310: It prepares the dispensing material already while loading it from the original delivery containers into the onboard vacuum preparation tanks. Once transferred into the onboard containers, the components are kept under vacuum all the time - even during production. Temperature control of the single components helps to optimise their viscosity and to enhance the degassing process. The constantly applied vacuum, removes air and moisture trapped in the material, protects humidity-sensitive materials against environmental moisture and prevents air-greedy materials (i.e. silicones) to absorb air. Programmable agitation and material recirculation cycles will keep the dispensing material during production as well as idle times at the same quality by preventing sedimentation of the contained fillers.

Due to an innovative vacuum and refilling system, the onboard tanks can be refilled at any time - even during production - thus providing an uninterrupted material feeding to the metering head. This avoids production breaks, saves valuable time and renders the dispensing system most productive.

Usage and materials:

  • One and two components
  • Low to medium viscosities (flowable and self-leveling materials)
  • Non-abrasive to highly abrasive
  • Non-filled to highly filled
  • Best on the market available treatment system for moisture-sensitive and air-greedy dispensing materials