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Control unit for material preparation and feeding units, manual dispensing work stations and entry-level process automation (Desktop Cell and VDS)

The SCP200, a WINDOWS CE based micro-computer controller, has been designed specifically to monitor and control all functions of material preparation and feeding, metering and dispensing as well as simple entry-level production automation processes.

Its clear structured and its intuitive graphic user interface makes it easy for the user to operate the systems and configure all the features, even after a very short training during the first system start-up.

All the setup parameters, as well as the actual process parameters, error, warning messages and operating instructions are displayed on the fully graphic 7" touch screen monitor.

Additional modules (heaters, agitators, vacuum pumps) can be added at any time and are automatically integrated in the controller's software. The control software is available in many different languages (DE, EN, IT, FR, NL, BG, PL,CZ, HU, TR, SLO, PT, RO, RU), which can be changed "on the fly" during normal operations and offers different customizable user levels protected by individual passwords.

The controller's hardware offers standard extension interfaces (USB, SD-Slot, CAN-bus and Ethernet) and the possibility of remote access and control.