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Controller for material preparation and feeding units and for simple dispensing systems

All material preparation and feeding systems as well as manual work stations are equipped with the specially designed SCP210 micro-controller and visualization unit. Taht is the advanced version of the proven operating unit SCP200.

The already intuitive interface is even more easier to use thanks to the capacitive 10″ multi-touch display and it monitors and controls the entire production process, from the docking of the follower plate to the material preparation, from the feeding of the material to the dispensing itself. Moreover, cleaning and mantenance are simple and quick due to the scratch-resistant real glass pane.

For small quantity dispensing, the micro-controller has been enhanced with additional vacuum and motion functions, leading to the SCP210+ version, which is stll an easy operating tool even after the only start-up instructions. 

The powerful processor fo both SCP2010 and SCP210+ mantains the whole range of potentiality thanks to the regular updates via USB interface, making it the essential instrument for keeping control of the dispensing process.