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Dispensing advantages
  • Usable with highly abrasive mediums
  • Easily interchangeable nozzles and dispensing tappets
  • Fluid-carrying components easy to sterilise
  • Separation between fluid-carrying components and actuator
  • High repeatability
  • High accuracy
  • Bead/line dispensing
  • Smallest volumes accessible
  • Low voltage
  • Optimized dead volume
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Resistant to chemicals (acids, alkalis, etc.)
Typical dispensed products

Oil, grease, glue, silicon, paint, flux, medical products, and many other chemicals. (Filled products included)

Main industries

Electronic, solar, automobile, packaging, furniture, medical, cosmetic, food, special machines

Initial position

NC (Normally closed)

Electrical input

24 V, PLC compatible

Service life

> 100 Mio. cycles

Ambient temperature

-5 to +40 °C


Robust industrial design, class II equipment, splashproof in accordance with IP 65





High performance jet valve: for contactless dispensing of low to medium viscosity fluids

Dispensing frequencies of up to 280 Hz allow for a faster production process. A robust structure for safe and stable production precesses

The P-Jet CT is particularly suited to dispense fluid mediums. The adjustable dispensable volume starts at 3 nl. With the P-Jet CT it is possible to dynamically jet dispense small quantities as well as larger volumes. Dispensing tappets and nozzles can be exchanged by the operator, thus highly abrasive mediums can also be dispensed efficiently. The separation between the actuator and fluid carrying components protects the valve system and provides a particularly reliable process. Even the most demanding processes – due to product and/or positional tolerances – are easy and simple to implement with contactless dispensing.

Dispensing Advantages
  • Shot size: from 3 nl
  • Viscosity range: 0.5 – 10,000 mPas (thixotropic)
  • Accuracy: > 97 % (Dispensing tolerance < 3 %)
  • Frequency: up to 280 Hz
  • Material pressure: 0.2 to 6 bar (up to 100 bar)
  • Working pressure: 4 to 8 bar
  • Switching time: starting at 2 ms
  • Weight: 270 g


Micro Dispensing Valve P-Jet CT HM (hot melt)

Pneumatically actuated high performance valve for the contactless dispensing of hot melt adhesives

The micro dispensing valve P-Jet CT HM is designed for the contactless dispensing of highly viscous hotmelt and other highly viscous, high temperature materials. Extremely short triggering intervals (< 1ms) allow to accurately apply the smallest amounts of such materials over distances of 2mm to 40mm. The volume of a single shot can be set to 10 to 200 nl. Thus, depending on the material, dot sizes from a minimum of 350 µm to a maximum of 2000 µm can be reached. The separation of the fluidic part from the actuator part as well as a longer tappet ensures protection of the valve system and a considerably safe operation.

Dispensing Advantages
  • Viscosity range: 50 – 200,000 mPas (thixotrop)
  • Accuracy: > 99 % (Dispensing tolerance < 1 %)
  • Frequency: up to 150 Hz
  • Material pressure: up to 100 bar
  • Working pressure: 2 to 8 bar
  • Switching time: < 1 ms
  • Material working temperature: 180°C max.
  • Weight: 270 g

Micro-dispensing Valve P-Jet CT AN (anaerob)

High accuracy Jet-valve: for contactless dispensing of anaerobic glues and very corrosive products. High dispensing frequencies allow to reduce cycle times and increase output and productivity. Robust construction for safe and stable production processes

The P-Jet CT AN valve can dispense adhesives with anaerobic curing reactions. Made of highly resistant materials to chemicals, the P-Jet An allows the dispensing of highly corrosive chemicals as well as highly reactive products. The dispensing viscosities range from water to honey like fluids. Even process issues – due to parts and/or fixture tolerances – can be solved by using the contactless dispensing technology.

Dispensing Advantages
  • Shot size: from 30 nl
  • Viscosity range: 50 – 3.000 mPas (thixotrop)
  • Accuracy: > 97 % (Dispensing tolerance < 3 %)
  • Frequency: up to 50 Hz
  • Material pressure: up to 10 bar
  • Working pressure: 5 to 8 bar
  • Switching time: ≥ 2 ms to ∞
  • Weight: 240 g

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