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The VC1 controller is a microprocessor based control unit controlling electro-pneumatic dosing valves. All operation-relevant parameters and limit values can be set and controlled precisely and intuitively. Values are transmitted to the PLC via various communication interfaces.

VC1 Controller overview:

  • Setting and display of operating, maintenance and limit parameters
  • Evaluation of the external drop sensor and further processing
  • Amplifier operation with switching intelligence
  • Signal evaluation and service recommendation
  • Remote controlled temperature reduction
  • Remotely controlled purging processes
  • Communication RS232, RS485, CAN-Bus

The VC1 controller is the perfect addition to our PDos X1 micro dispensing jet valve. In addition to the high-precision setting of the operating parameters for actuator and heating, the controller accommodates a special switching intelligence, which enables the shortest switching times of the PDos X1 and compensates the negative effects of production-related downtimes. These special functions are automatically used in amplifier operation. User benefits from increased productivity, reduced rejects and an increased range of applications.

The integrated evaluation unit for the optional droplet sensor compares the ejected droplets with the target and transmits a “dosage OK” signal to the PLC. In the event of faulty dosing, further steps for quality assurance of the end product can be carried out completely automatically. The short signals from the drop sensor can be reliably recorded and processed for the PLC.

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage 24 VDC
  • Power consumption max. 60 W
  • Operating modes continuous, shot count
  • Pulse length single start/Stop, direct
  • Pause length 1.5 – 2000.0 ms (>300 Hz)
  • Time increment 0.1 ms
  • Heater temperature Up to 120 °C (max. 80 W)
  • Specifications CE, Rohs, Reach
  • Interfaces USB (Typ-B brushing 15 pin), digital I/O (D-sub bushing 9 pin)
  • COM interfaces RS232, RS485, CAN Bus
  • Valve connector M8 sensor bushing, 5 pin
  • Heater connector M12 sensor bushing, 5 pin
  • Power connector Lumberg SFV40 4 pin
  • Fuse 5 x 20 mm, 250 V, 8 A, fast-acting
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) 203 x 97 x 130 mm (7.99 x 3.82 x 5.12 inch)
  • Weight 895 g (1972 lbs.)