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Dimensions WxDxH

1.410x1.350x2.500 mm

Working area

with drawers 500x500x150 mm, without drawers 500x500x300 mm

Max speed CNC

up to 300 mm/s

Transportable weight

up to 18 kg

Power supply

3F + N + T ~ 400 V / 50 Hz



CNC system with cartesian kinematics robot and interpolation between motion and dispensing. This system offers:

  • Management of mutiple dispensing heads (DOP pistons, DOI gears)
  • Interpolation between motion and dispensing for a simplified and repatable process
  • Remote control via SCADA and/or PLC
  • Quick production chageovers thanks to an advanced proprietary software, compatible with all browser-equipped devices
  • Integration with factory computer systems
  • Automated connection with the logistics system, supply network and other machines
  • Teach programming with joystick (JOG)
  • Integrated weighing control (BIL)
  • 3D G-Code programming tool (G-Sketcher)
  • Temperature management (RIT)
  • Management of external feeding systems (pressure and vacuum tanks, pressure plate pumps and cartridges)


The system enables a wide range of processes from dispensing to bonding, from sealing to the application of thermally conductive materials.

  • Potting of electronic components of various siszes, including PCBs, sensors, transformers, coils, stators, connectors, wiring
  • Gaskets and seals for electronic enclosures
  • Suitable for variable bach sizes and dispensing of thermally conductive and thermosensitive materials
  • Capability for surface treatments using a plasma torch


The system is successfully employed by leading international industrial players in the electrical, electronic, automotive, aerospace, chemical, medical sectors.


  • Multi-axes CNC with motion and dispensing interpolation
  • Embedded controller and user-friendly multi-devide HMI interface (CON)
  • G-Code programming
  • Presence and pallet positioning sensors
  • Safety PLC, optical barrier and positioning sesors (SIL-3)
  • Remote control via clea contacts and TCP/IP
  • Inudstry 4.0 certification
  • Integration with factory computer systems (ERP/MES)
  • G-Code software for 3D programming (G-Sketcher)


  • Different metering heads with interchangeable piston pumps (DOP) or geam pumps (DOI)
  • Quick head changeover campability
  • Choice between single or multiple nozzles (DOP)
  • Integrated material preparation management
  • Handling on spherical surfaces or with drawers
  • Joystick for teach-mode programming (JOG)
  • Plasma unit implementation
  • I/O vision systems and quality control (barcode)

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