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What is foam sealing

“Foaming system” is a formed in-place foaming gasket system with UL certification. The material used is a polyurethane "Penguin Foam – Sunstar resin, PF 3151E".

We provide the best quality solution with a minimum cost and waste of traditional gaskets materials.


Three dimensional gasket

This solution provides a complicated three dimensional gasket automatically applied on different forms and housing substrates. Below n°4 detailes and advantages:

  1. Mechanic foaming method: easy control of the foam quality than existing chemical methods enable to control precisely the foam specially on small dimensions.
  2. One component method: without ratio and mixing controls. The system do not needs pot life administration and not cleaning maintenance
  3. Application at room temperature without preheating procedures.
  4. Fast curing at low temperatures, 80°C for 5 minutes.

Unit features

The configuration system include:

  • resin pressure plate primary pump;
  • foaming unit with low pressure gas control;
  • dinamic mixer with precise discharge unit;
  • final high pressure pneumatic valve.

Contact us to organise a visit to discuss your application and evaluate our foaming solution!