On June 22 and 23, ATRA will attend TechDays 2022, the exclusive two-day seminar by our partner Scheugenpflug Global. Atra’s President Vladimiro Lenardi, CEO Luca Lenardi and Head of Sales Giorgio Cocchetto are on their way to Neustadt an der Donau (Germany) to meet managers and technicians from all around the world. They will discuss about latest trends in dispensing, potting and pioneering process solutions.

The topics on the agenda are:

  • Solutions for high-performance dispensing with #thermalinterface materials and adaptive dispensing with integrated quality assurance;
  • Flexible and highly precise low-volume dispensers in response to the increasing miniaturization of electronic components;
  • Vacuum potting with intelligent degassing control;
  • Display #bonding;
  • “Battery potting” with a multinozzle piston dispenser.