• Desktop entry level meter/mix system for 1- and 2-component resin materials
  • Material feeding and recirculation with progressive cavity pumps (eccentric screw pumps)
  • Automatic switching from feeding to recirculation mode
  • Material preparation in atmosphere or vacuum environment:
    • Homogenization with agitators and recirculation
    • Heating up to 80°C
    • Degassing with Venturi devices (-150 mBar) or rotary vane vacuum pumps (- 1 mBar)
  • Filling level sensors

Resin materials:

  • Low to medium viscosities (- approx. 80.000 mPas)
  • Without or with non- or slightly abrasive fillers
  • Silicones, epoxies or polyurethanes 

Metering technologies (depending on material characteristics and required flow rates):

  • Scheugenpflug Volumetric Piston metering head
  • Gear pump metering head
  • Progressive cavity pump metering head
  • Contactless jetting metering units (pneumatic or piezo) 

Control unit and software features:

  • Interfacing with plant host computer systems
  • Traceability
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Remote monitoring and remote maintenance
  • Cloud


  • Operation panel
  • Tank heating system