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For more than 25 years, in addition to supplying equipemt to our customers, we also assist them in product design and optimization, as well as in the search and definition of the suitable resin materials, processes and technologies, up to the realization and start-up of the final production lines.

Our experience

  • Appliances and electrical cabinets
  • Electronic control systems (μC, PLC, PC, Embedded devices)
  • Systems for the automation with the integration of XYZ, SCARA and antropomorphic robots
  • Vision control systems, both in the visual and IR fields
  • Polymerization solutions designed to reduce the time of the process (UV and IR radiation, oven, convection, ultrasound)
  • Installations for surface treatment (plasma activation)
  • Fully integrated solutions for the vacuum dispensing process

The process

  • Analysis and research of composite materials and thermo-setting polymers and support in identifying the best applcation for the selected compounds.
  • Mechanical design of products and equipments: CAD design of whole assemblies and layouts, bills of materials, product details and technical documentation.
  • Organization and production management: process industrialization and organization through the analysis of time-frames and methods in the whole production environemnt.
  • Development, assembly and deployment of all the equipments and the integrations required for the resins dispensing and metering proccess, for both single workstations and in-line productions.
  • Start-up of all the systems and development of training activities necessary for technical operations and maintenance (in our laboratories and on site).