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Heating capacity

up to 80 °C

Delivery volume diaphragm feed pump


Vacuum pump evacuation rate

14,5-16 m3/h

Vacuum pump final pressure


W x H x D
  • 1C: 1000 x 1855 x 770 mm
  • 2C: 1500 x 1855 x 770 mm
Tank models
  • 1C: 20lt | 50lt
  • 2C: 20/20lt | 50/20lt | 50/50lt
Ejector evacuation rate

12 l/min

Ejector final vacuum pressure


Agitator speed


Weight (without material)
  • 1C: 280kg
  • 2C: 430kg



New material preparation and feeding unit for self-leveling adhesives and potting materialsAdvantages

Heir of the proven A310, LiquiPrep LP804 allows preparation and feeding of self-levelling material with viscosity up to 70.000 mPa∙s. Thanks to homogenisation, tempering, circulation and evacuation processes which can influence material properties, it guarantees bubble- and flawless dispensing.
The core of the LiquiPrep LP804 is a new intelligent diaphragm feed pump - which offers increased wear resistance and by extension a longer service life - and its high-tech sensors individually determine the filling level, ensuring continuous feeding. In addition, the system optimisation enables fast evacuation, thus ensuring quick availability of the material in the required quantity and quality.
Last, but not least, the new design offers the possibility to the operators to carry out the maintenance themselves, without the intervention of a specialised Scheugenpflug technician; moreover, it ensures efficient handling and easier integration into existing production lines.


  • Absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free potting material
  • Consistently high feeding perfomances
  • Long service life thanks to intelligent diaphragm feed pump
  • Convenient maintenance and operation

Key Features

  • Material processing in vacuum with up to 2mbar final pressure
  • Agitation and circulation for degassing and simultaneously preventing sedimentation
  • Temperature control of the material tank and all material feeding components
  • Continuous feed via powerful double diaphragm delivery pump
  • EViS operating unit: simple system operation and fast activation of functions