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Our company has been operating for years in the production of metering systems for mixing and dispensing of one-component and multi-components resins (eg epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, siliconic etc.).

Those units are usually applied in the production of electronic components (e.g. capacitors, LEDs, circuit boards), electromechanical (e.g. transformers, stators), household appliances, automotive and many other areas in industrial production.

The resin systems that we develop can be customized according to our customers' specific requirments and the kind of resin applied.


Rugged high precision metering head with variable mix ratio for manual and automated dispensing application

The DOI system is a ...

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Compact material feeding for easy resins dispensing jobs in atmospheric air pressure conditions.

The material feeding system A90 ensures a ...

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A220 Basic

The entry-level solution for high viscosity potting media

For the reliable feeding of high viscosity, non-abrasive dispensing media, we offer ...

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Reliable material feeding unit for high viscosity dispensing resins, featuring the patented Scheugenpflug vacuum follower plate for 20-liter containers.

The ...

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Feeding unit for highly abrasive and high viscosity dispensing materials. Material feeding from 20-litre hobbocks with the Scheugenpflug patented vacuum ...

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New material preparation and feeding unit for self-leveling adhesives and potting materialsAdvantages

Heir of the proven A310, LiquiPrep LP804 ...

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High precision dispensing system with reliable and constant mix ratio for highest process safety

The DOS P metering head is ...

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High precision volumetric metering system with continuous material flow and high flow rates

The DOS GP metering system is based ...

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Material preparation controller and feeding units for simple dispensing systems

All our material preparation, feeding systems and manual work stations ...

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CC series

Complete functionality for weighing and dispensing, controlled through the required steps to reduce material variability and increase overall product quality ...

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Vacuum Dispensing Systems for filling components in vacuum environment

These systems are used to fill liquid resins into products that ...

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LeanVDS Series

Compact entry-level vacuum chambers for resin dispensing

LeanVDS Basic and LeanVDS Universal. Resin dispensing under vacuum is becoming increasingly important ...

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GAR Series

Material preparation and feeding unit for 200-liter barrels

Even with the most performant meter/mix and dispensing systems, high quality ...

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Processing Modules

Processing technology for easy integration

Dispensing process technology for immediate integration in production lines. It includes the dispensing components, accessories ...

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PDos X1

Innovative, pneumatically driven jet dosing valve resulting from years of experience in automated micro dosing.


  • Completely new designed, innovative ...

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VC1 Controller

The VC1 controller is a microprocessor based control unit controlling electro-pneumatic dosing valves. All operation-relevant parameters and limit values can ...

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