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Compact entry-level vacuum chambers for resin dispensing

LeanVDS Basic and LeanVDS Universal: Resin dispensing under vacuum is becoming increasingly important, especially in the electronics and winding industries. The main reasons for vacuum dispensing are ever smaller components with higher performance and ever increasing safety and quality standards.

The new vacuum chamber LeanVDS is the response for an economical entry into the high-quality vacuum dispensing and it is particularly suitable for small to medium production numbers, laboratory applications, or to replace less reliable auxiliary processes, i.e. post-degassing after dispensing in atmosphere.

Target and materials:

  • Small to medium production batch sizes.
  • Small to medium-sized workpieces.
  • Self-levelling polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, oil, etc.
  • Particularly suitable for materials sensitive to moisture.


  • For filling and impregnating of electronic components such as transformers, motors (coils in general) sensors, power electronics for excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity, with vacuum bonding.
  • Production of electronic parts with exellent high voltage insulation and used in harsh environments.

LeanVDS B:

  • Basic version for an one piece work flow (single nozzle)
  • Chamber dimensions: 300 x 300 mm
  • Max. work piece size: 315 x 315 mm

LeanVDS U:

  • Universal, versatile vacuum dispensing chamber, including a XYZ - motion system, for multiple parts processing
  • Chamber dimensions: 420 x 420 mm
  • Max. movement range: 180 x 180 mm


  • SCP200 Control Unit UVIS nano (7" Touch screen Graphic Display)
  • Vacuum chamber with manual, transparent door
  • Vacuum system with rotary vane pump
  • Scheugenpflug piston metering head (DOS P)


  • Heating of metering unit and mixing nozzles
  • Pallet / work piece presence sensor
  • A310 used as material preparation unit and feeding system