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W × H × D (max.): 1050 × 3000 × 1700 mm

Load capacity

850 kg

Compressed air supply

none or 6 bar controlled


800 o 1000 kg

Evacuation rating

none or 283 l/min

Agitator speed

60 or 0 – 60 rpm


none or up to 80°C



Moisture and bubbles in large drums – no longer an issue.

Barrel agitator stations are used in applications with a high material consumption and – in combination with the material preparation and feeding system A310 – ensure a homogenous dispensing material with the right temperature. The electrically powered agitator station is equipped with a lifting unit, a filling level monitor and an optional vacuum controller, and is ideally suited for stirring and heating liquid dispensing media. The 200-liter barrel can be fully evacuated, allowing a comprehensive preparation of materials that are sensitive to moisture also from large barrels. Loss of material through damage from moisture in 200-liter barrels – for example PUR – is therefore a thing of the past. The barrel agitator station, including agitation and filling times, is controlled directly through the A310. Where several functions are required, the barrel agitator station can also be operated as a stand-alone system with its own SCP200 controller.

Usage and materials:

  • One and two component materials (silicones, epoxies, polyurethanes)
  • Low to medium viscosities (flowable and self-leveling materials)
  • Non-abrasive to highly abrasive
  • Non-filled to highly filled

Equipment, depending on model:

  • SCP200 controller
  • Vacuum
  • Lifting unit
  • Filling-level sensor
  • Two-hand safety control
  • Automatic stop of agitator motor
  • Regulator to infinitely set stirring speed
  • Mobile collecting tray (200 l)
  • Inspection glass with lighting

Optional accessories:

  • Heating rod
  • Scanner
  • External interface
  • Second collecting tray