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Rugged high precision metering head with variable mix ratio for manual and automated dispensing application

The DOI system is a volumetric metering head with gear pumps, designed to work with single or multi-component, non-abrasive materials of medium to high viscosity. It meters and mixes with high precision at different flow rates, keeping a constant mix ratio thanks to the real-time interpolation of the driving motors.

The mechanical construction made of wear & tear resistant steel is sturdy and reliable, thanks to the lubrication system of the gear pump axle seals and the diaphragm valves for anti-dripping protection. Pressure sensors for material feeding and stepper motors with enclosed loop controllers make the DOI a leader in precision and repeatability.

Usage and Materials:

  • Single, double or multi-component silicones, polyurethanes, epoxies.
  • Medium to high viscosities.
  • Non-filled to highly filled and non-abrasive materials.
  • Suitable for moisture sensitive materials.

Equipment features:

  • Stepper motors driven with closed loop encoders.
  • Material pressure sensor.
  • Diaphragm valves for anti-dripping protection.
  • Lubrication system of the gear pump axle seals.
  • Control unit "Industry 4.0" ready.