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A compact dispensing system consisting of powerful single components

With the trend of smaller assemblies, more efficient and more performing, now it is more important than ever to find solutions for effective thermal management. In this regard, thermally conductive liquid materials offer many possibilities. However, due to their special properties, the use of high-quality and well-developed dispensing technology is imperative, leading to a lengthy and planning-intensive procurement process.

That is no longer the case with the new Scheugenpflug DispensingCell, a complete solution especially developed for thermal management applications, fully preconfigured and parameterized for the task. The system is specially adjusted to thermally conductive media, as well as approved and tested by renowed material manufacturers.

The system includes a Dos P016 TCA, which has been optimized for thermally conductive materials, a cartridge expulsion unit A90 C with filling level monitoring, a 3-axis-system and a light curtain. 



  • Preconfigured complete package for highly filled, abrasive materials
  • Fast start of production
  • Unrivaled service life
  • Short delivery times


Key Features

  • Precisely dispensing contours with XYZ axis system
  • High process reliability through inlet valve monitoring
  • Easy access via safety light curtain
  • User-friendly control with SCP200+ visualization