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Vacuum Dispensing Systems for filling components in vacuum environment

Such kind of systems are used to fill fairly liquid resins into products that are kept in a chamber with reduced pressure (down to < 1 mbar absolute) during the dispensing process. The purpose of dispensing under vacuum is to avoid any trapped air and humidity in the parts, to increase high-voltage insulation and performance, to ensure uniform thermal dissipation and optimize the products for applications in harsh environments. Requirements mainly found not only in the coils & windings and electronic industries, but also for some specific mechanical components filled with silicone oil (e.g. rotating and linear dampers).

Most important preconditions for an absolutely void-free and repeatable high-quality filling of the components are a consistently stable vacuum and an optimally homogenized and pre-degassed material, homogeneously blended at the right mix ratio - easily achieved and guatanteed through our preparation and feeding unit A310 in combination with the vacuum dispensing systems VDS.

Usage and materials:

  • For filling and impregnating of electronic components such as transformers, motors (coils in general), sensors, power electronics, for excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity, with vacuum bonding.
  • Self-leveling, unfilled/filled and abrasive resins (polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, oil).


  • PLC Control Unit UVIS neo (15" Touch screen Graphic Display)
  • Vacuum chamber with sight glasses and automatic door
  • Vacuum system with rotary vane pump
  • Pallet loading table
  • Pallet drawer
  • Scheugenpflug piston metering head (DOS P)


  • Multiple metering head (DOS P Vacuum)
  • 3-axis system for pallet movement
  • Joystick for manual operation and programming
  • Waste cup holder for purging and pot-life shot   
  • Heaters for pallet drawer, metering head and mixing nozzles


  1. VDS B1000 and B1000-XZ: basic vacuum dispensing system with no or only limited pallet movement (XZ); small in dimensions, for low to medium production numbers and medium-sized to large work pieces. Can be combined with Scheugenpflug's volumetric piston metering head DOS P 1C or 2C with single or multiple mixing nozzles.

  2. VDS U1000 and U4030: universal vacuum dispensing system for a 1- or 2 nozzle metering head; the work pieces are placed on a carrier which is then placed by a 3-axis movement system in the correct and repeatable dispensing position. The compact design, simple operation and huge axis movement range makes the VDS U a very flexible piece of equipment.

  3. VDS P6030 and P8030: powerful vacuum dispensing system for high volume production; equipped with a high-performance rotary vane vacuum pump and a Scheugenpflug volumetric piston metering head with multiple nozzles, the VDS P is the perfect solution for high volume productions. By working with big work piece arrays and multi-fold metering heads, the cycle time per part and energy costs for vacuum preparation can be reduced dramatically.