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Compact system for dispensing under vacuum with one or two nozzles

VDS U1000 and U4030: Universal and very flexible vacuum dispensing systems with a wide XY-movement range for processing products of different sizes in low to medium numbers. Can be combined with Scheugenpflug's volumetric piston metering head DOS P 1C or 2C with one to two nozzles. The worked pieces, positioned directly on the work table or on a carrier, are moved by a XYZ-axis system to the correct dispensing position (CNC-movement possible). The compact design, simple operation and fast evacuation allow an efficient production of variable products with perfect results.

Target and materials:

  • Medium batch sizes.
  • Medium-sized to large workpieces.
  • Self-levelling polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, oil, etc.
  • Particularly suitable for materials sensitive to moisture.


  • For filling and impregnating of electronic components such as transformers, motors (coils in general), sensors, power electronics for excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity, with vacuum bonding.
  • Production of electronic parts with exellent high voltage insulation and used in harsh environments.


  • PLC Control Unit UVIS neo (15" Touch screen Graphic Display)
  • Vacuum chamber with sight glasses and automatic door
  • Vacuum system with rotary vane pump
  • 3-axis positioning system
  • Pallet loading table
  • Pallet drawer
  • Scheugenpflug piston metering head (DOS P)


  • Pallet drawer heating
  • One or two nozzle metering heads
  • Heating of metering unit and mixing nozzles
  • Pallet presence sensor
  • A310 used as material preparation unit and feeding system
  • Joystick for manual operation and programming
  • Waste cup holder for purging and pot-life shot