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Powerfull solution for high volume production in vacuum environment

VDS P6030 and P8030: The most powerfull resin dispensing solution for high to very high volume production in vacuum environment. Multiple nozzle dispensing with the highest precision and repeatable quantity for each single part, guaranteed through the sophisticated and very robust volumetric Scheugenpflug dispensing technology. These systems meet the most demanding quality requiremments and are approved in many applications by the automotive supplier industries - they have been implemented and proven already several times in production lines for ignition coils.

Target and materials:

  • High to very high production batch sizes.
  • Small to medium-sized workpieces with short cycle times (4-5 million pieces per year possible).
  • Self-levelling polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, oil, etc.
  • Particularly suitable for materials sensitive to moisture.


  • For filling and impregnating of electronic components such as transformers, motors (coils in general), sensors, power electronics for excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity, with vacuum bonding.
  • Production of electronic parts with exellent high voltage insulation and used in harsh environments


  • PLC Control Unit UVIS neo (15" Touch screen Graphic Display)
  • Vacuum chamber with sight glasses and automatic door
  • Vacuum system with powerfull rotary vane pump
  • 3-axis positioning system
  • Pallet loading table
  • Pallet drawer
  • Scheugenpflug piston metering head (DOS P)


  • Pallet drawer heating
  • Multiple nozzle metering heads
  • Heating of metering unit and mixing nozzles
  • Pallet presence sensor
  • A310 used as material preparation unit and feeding system
  • Joystick for manual operation and programming