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MATERIA.ZERO & AERIA.ZERO complete solution

We are pleased to present you the new complete solution for resin preparation & atmospheric dispensing, combining the Atra's MATERIA.ZERO and AERIA.ZERO systems.


"The optimization of heat dissipation in the electric mobility"

The transformation of the automotive sector is leading to an increase in the production of batteries, electric motors, heat sinks, integrated circuits, inverters, power modules: elements that require increasingly sophisticated solutions for managing heat dissipation. In fact, the longevity of the components and their ability to function correctly in all conditions of use and in safety depend on it.

Large stator vacuum potting

We have recently delivered a new system, specifically designed for working on large stators of electric motors. It consists in a LiquiPrep for mixing and degassing A and B materials, a P300 dosing head with recirculation system (both by our exclusive partner Scheugenpflug) and a custom-made vacuum chamber in AISI 304 stainless steel.

New vacuum potting system delivered

We have recently delivered a new dosing system including a Liquiprep degassing feeding unit, a P016 metering head and a customised vacuum chamber. The highly precise and reliable volumetric piston dosing head by our exclusive partner Scheugenpflug Global, with anti-drip valve, leads to precise and clean vacuum process. The system features "Industry 4.0" technologies and an easy integration with existing management software.


Micro but efficient

Products are getting smaller and more complex. At the same time, microdosing is becoming the standard in many industries. In the July issue, the specialised magazine Automazione industriale has interviewed Mr. Giorgio Cocchetto, Head of Sales at Atra, aboout the recently-signed partnership with the German player perfecdos.

Evolution of Digital Revolution

"We are achieving an increasingly perfect fusion of hardware and software. We have designed an architecture expressly aligned with the philosophy of Industry 4.0. All our systems are connected in the cloud to a central server that manages communication, data collection and inputs from the outside."

Pick & Place in dosing systems

A new article about Atra appeared in the April issue of PCB Magazine. It describes our fully automatic island for polyurethane resin dosing via an anthropomorphic robot. The system has been built for an important customer of ours, an Italian company that provides advanced electronic engineering services.


Resin dispensing for ATEX products

For the Oil & Gas industry it is essential to strictly comply with the ATEX directive in all processes: sampling, compressors, control systems, control instrumentation, fracking, distribution system, transformers, etc. ATEX products in the Oil & Gas sector are a very interesting field for Atra, which works with important national and international customers by supplying resin dosing systems used in the production of products in the explosion-proof field, to build and seal insulator or feedthrough components.

Watch the full video of the system on our YouTube channel.

CNC atmospheric gear pump system for curbs application

In the last quarter of 2021, we developed an automatic dosing system for an important multinational customers of ours, leader in the design and production of electrical equipment for environments with risk of explosion and fire.

"Resin role in connections"

Connectors are used in nearly every electrical or electronic system to connect two devices through voltage or electrical signals. Geometry and physical characteristics vary according to the project, the required application and the environment of use, but - in any case - the resin plays a leading role.


Variable ratios oils mixing system

Atra has realised a new oil mixing system managing ratios from 1,000 to 2,000,000 CPS. Like all Atra’s systems, also this one integrates Industry 4.0 technology.