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"Communicating is good for the IIoT" - in Automazione Industriale, April 2021

"The IIoT is a frontier that opens up infinite possibilities to rethink companies work. Predictive maintenance, data collection, remote control and energy optimization are just some of the advantages that we can already see at work, but many others will gradually come while these technologies gain ground. After making machines intelligent in the last few decades, we are now putting them in communication with each other. " An interesting interview with Vladimiro and Luca Lenardi on "Automazione Industriale" of April 2021.

"Heat Dissipation at 360°" - PCB Magazine, May 2021

Precision dispensing of thermally conductive resins is one of the toughest challenges for all dosing systems. The physical properties of the material, in fact, are hardly compatible with the mechanical sophistication of the machines called to manage it. Our CEO Luca LEnardi describes the most advanced solutions on PCB Magazine.

"Accurate dosing for difficult environments" - PCB Magazine, March 2021

The application of thermally conductive materials is essential for managing the temperature in electronic components, which are increasingly smaller and more performing. PCB Magazine has discussed the topic with Atra's CEO Luca Lenardi and the R&D Manager Samuele Bongiorno.

"Constructive Sinergy" - on Meccanica Magazine 2021

Vladimiro and Luca Lenardi talk on Meccanica Magazine about Atra's experience and, in particular, about the partnership with Scheugenpflug, world leader in precision dosing systems for resins. Atra is the Italian exclusive importer. (By Luana Costa)

Atra renews the ISO 9001:2015 certification

Since 2017, Atra has wanted to equip itself with the rules and organizational processes best suited for the challenges of efficiency and continuous improvement. Also, this year the company has dedicated important resources to this project, divided between quality assurance and staff training. It is a goal that involves the whole organization, because the information is collected by each professional figure (internal and external) and returns to it, after processing and synthesis.


New volumetric piston dispenser DosP DP803

Scheugenpflug's new volumetric piston dispenser DosP DP803Lighter, more compact, optimized for integration.

The New piston dispenser is the ideal integration component for existing production lines. 30 percent more compact and lighter than the predecessor model Dos P016.

New material feeding unit

Scheugenpflug's New Entry: the LiquiPrep system will replace the outdated preparation and dosing unit A310.

This new machine will increase and improve the performance for an easier, faster and cheaper productivity.




Scheugenpflug Vacuum Dispensing Without Limitations

Due to the increasing demands on the reliability of electronic parts, vacuum dispensing has become increasingly important. More and more cost-effective entry- level systems that offer highest dispensing quality are wanted. With the LeanVDS Scheugenpflug offers a solution which completes the range of vacuum dispensing systems.

When developing the LeanVDS, the aim was to create a system which allowed an affordable entry into quality vacuum dispensing...

Infusion System with Double Material Preparation and Feeding Unit

Production processes are quite different from one another. Innovation alongside deep knowledge of the materials and the dosing systems are required to conceive the right solution to fit every customer’s requirements. That is just the case of the taylor-made infusion system we made for a partner of ours.

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