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Easy feeding unit


  • Desktop entry level meter/mix system for 1- and 2-component resin materials
  • Material feeding and recirculation with progressive cavity pumps (eccentric screw pumps)
  • Automatic switching from feeding to recirculation mode
  • Material preparation in atmosphere or vacuum environment:
  • Filling level sensors


Productronica 2017

International, innovative, unrivalled: Productronica is the only event of its kind to depict the entire value chain for electronics manufacturing. Attend productronica 2017 and profit from its unique atmosphere.

Coiltech 2017

27-28 September 2017 (venue Pordenone Fiere)

Coiltech is the fastest-growing international Coil Winding exhibition. It's focused on materials, machinery and equipment for the production and the maintenance of electric motors, generators and alternators as well as power distribution, industrial transformers and coils in general.

Eighth edition.


Hall 9

Booth A12/A14

CWIEME Berlin 2017

Located in the manufacturing heartland of Europe, CWIEME Berlin is the world’s leading event for coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies.

We'll be present along our partner Scheugenplfug AG to present the variety and performance of our metering and dispensing technology, including vacuum and degassing solutions.

Automatic robotic cell for PU resin dispensing

Since each product design and intended use condition can be of different complexity, when potting/encapsulating  electrical and electronic components, finding the most quality-cost efficient manufacturing process may prove quite difficult. Nonetheless, making the most of our extensive knowledge in the field we tackle every challenge that comes our way with innovative and tailored solutions, as we did for a client's request of an automated robotic cell, shown in the video.

Check it out and see if we could do the same for you!

Automated production line for vacuum resin dispensing

Potting/Casting products of different sizes in a vacuum chamber that's integrated in an automated production line has always been quite challenging, more so for large production quantities. When faced with that kind of setting, our engineering team has put together all the knowledge and experience acquired throughout many years to design an automated production line that covers all of the above requested needs.

Check out the video! 

Dos P016 TCA

The new piston dispenser  Dos P016 TCA has specifically been designed for process reliable application of highly filled thermally conductive materials.

Compared to the Dos P standard model the new dispenser achieves up to three times higher flow rates – at consistently high metering accuracy.

Furthermore precision metering cylinders allow the output of reproducibly accurate material volumes and in 2C materials constant mixing ratios at all times.
Optimised for an up to 3 times higher flow rate when dispensing thermally conductive materials

Barrel Agitator Station

Barrel agitator stations are used in applications with a high material consumption and – in combination with the material preparation and feeding system A310 – ensure a homogenous dispensing material with the right temperature.