We have recently delivered a new dosing system including a Liquiprep degassing feeding unit, a P016metering head and a customised vacuum chamber. The system features touch control panel, secure release tank feeding lance, specula with lighting for visual inspection of both the tanks and AISI 304 stainless steel vacuum chamber. The highly precise and reliable volumetric piston dosing head by our exclusive partner ScheugenpflugGlobal, with anti-drip valve, leads to precise and clean vacuum process. You can have real-time monitoring of the vacuum level, reached by highly precise pneumatic electro-valves. It allows to ISO G-code programming with multiple vacuum steps. Guaranteed and repeatable mixing ratios are possible due to the pistons’ geometry. Web based interface allows remote control and a joystick makes it possible the simplified programming of pallet movements. The system features "Industry 4.0" technologies and an easy integration with existing management software.

This system allows to dispense liquid resins into products inside a chamber with reduced pressure (down to 1.4 mbar absolute). The purpose of dispensing under vacuum is to avoid any trapped air and humidity into the parts, increasing high-voltage insulation and performance, ensuring uniform thermal dissipation and optimizing the products for applications in harsh environments. These requirements are needed not only in the coils & windings or electronic industries, but also for specific mechanical components filled with silicone oil (e.g. rotating and linear dampers).

A constantly stable vacuum and an optimally degassed material, mixed homogeneously in the right mixing ratio, are fundamental prerequisites for high-quality, repeatable and absolutely bubble-free potting.

You can find the video on our YouTube channel.