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Metering head
  • Metering head type: Gear pump dispenser 1 component - 1 nozzle
  • Metering pump: Spinning pump (1-stream)
  • Rate of delivery of gear pump 2.642 ccm / rotation
  • Transmission of planetary gear 16:1
Metering needle
  • Needle type: L = 67 mm
  • Diameter needle (inside / outside) 2.4 mm / 3.2 mm



Volumetric dispenser mixer for high-viscosity resins

The volumetric dispenser mixer DOS A220-v1 is designed for dosing resins of high viscosity (1C and 2C). The machine uses "disposable" degassing disc, allowing a perfect erogation in vacuum without waste of material during the barrels switch.
The barrels replacing process is automated and easy to perform.


  • Microprocessor control with embedded PC, operator panel with LCD display and keyboard.
  • High reliability through automatic monitoring of all the degassing functions, contact pressure, quantity and speed of the amount dispensed and the pressing plate position.
  • Automatic attachment of the shaft to the pump, regardrless of any operator error.

Possibility to integrate systems of linear axes XYZ - CNCell

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