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The IDC1 dispenser can be used with various existing products on the market and in particular with polyurethane and epoxy resins.
The resins can also be added with inert fillers (partially abrasive fillers). The structure is made in anodized aluminum with swivel and fixed wheels.


  • Pumping rotary group in high precision special steel for resins, with flow, pressure (transducer) and temperature control system
  • Pumping rotary group in high precision special steel for hardeners with flow and pressure control system (transducer)
  • Discharge spouts of separate routes (resin and hardener) with work pressures manometer display
  • Resin piping from the pump to the mixing head in high pressure stainless teflon
  • Static mixing head equipped with anti-drip system
  • General electric panel with programmer and operator panel

Resin/hardener feeding system

  • 2 resin and hardener feeding systems from standard pails (25kg).
  • Opportunity to implement the direct feeding system from pails of 217 lt (solution GAR200).