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Automatichorizontal and continuous oven with forced air ventilation designed to treat materials that require a polymerization process. The process is made by the uniformity of the temperature distributed throughout the entire volume of the oven. The oven is placed in a metal sheet construction, includes three movement tracks for pallets on the heating area and the load/unload areas are on the same side. The run-through time for the three tracks in the heating system is adjustable ranging from 10 to 120 minutes. On each lane of the heating system there are a maximum of 18 carriers {+ 3 in the buffer).



  • Heating up to 180°
  • Pallets: 300x300 mm (height ≈ 200mm)
  • 3 Speed selectable movement tracks
  • 1 Automatic pallet loader for the cooling back track
  • Polymerization heating length: ≈ 6000 mm
  • Polymerization cooling lenght: ≈ 6000 mm
  • Construction year: 2015/2016