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Metering head
  • Piston Metering Head: two-components, designed for abrasive materials, vacuum tight design
  • Dispensing Material: designed for silicone Q1 from Dow Corning



The volumetric doser mixer (1K/2K) DOS A 300 has been designed for the dosing of one and two component resins of varying viscosity.
The machine comprises a unit of preparation of the material under vacuum, a control unit and a dosing head and mixing.
The specialty of the DOS 300 is the preparation of the material under vacuum, resulting in a material quality of the components permanent and stable, especially useful for resin PUR.
The supply of the stems can also occur during the production process, thanks to the innovative system of suction and refilling feasible also during processing (manual/automatic).

Possibility to integrate systems of linear axes XYZ - CNCell

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