Atra S.r.l. has entered into a new commercial partnership with perfecdos GMBH as the exclusive distributor of their microdosing systems in Italy, Ticino and south-east Europe.

perfecdos GmbH is a German company specializing in high performance volumetric microdosing electro-pneumatic systems that are used in industry for dosing different types of liquids. The strengths of perfecdos systems are precision, reliability, robustness, speed, economy and ease of use. The company's main product is the PDos X series, a very precise and fast electro-pneumatic jet metering valve. It allows the dosing of liquids in a wide range of viscosity (0.5 - 500k mPas) and quantities starting from 1 ml.

"We are extremely satisfied with this new partnership" said the President of Atra, Vladimiro Lenardi. "The collaboration with perfecdos allows us to complete the offer of our product portfolio. We are confident that the innovative perfecdos patented microdosing systems will have great prominence on our markets”.